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Helium and Balloons

Helium Information

Is their a difference in the quality of Helium?

Yes, unlike some companies CWS uses only 99.995% Pure Helium for better lift and longer lasting Balloons.

How much helium will it take to fill my Balloons?

The volume of Helium needed to fill balloons depends on the size of the balloon, type of balloon and quanitiy of balloons.

Example of Cylinder size

Helium (40Q) Fills 70 Balloons
Helium (60Q) Fills 100 Balloons
Helium (HEM) Fills 190 Balloons
Helium (HEH) Fills 390 Balloons
Helium (HEJ) Fills 500 Balloons
*Numbers are approximate, factors such as ambient temperature and elevation can vary. Helium cylinders and regulators can be rented for short or long term time periods.

A refundable security deposit is required on all rentals.

Customer service will gladly assist you with any questions.


Latex Balloons are sold by the gross they come in solid or assorted colors.

Custom printing is offered just send us your company logo.

Helium Cylinder Safety Precautions

Please observe the safety precautiuons when handling high pressure Helium cylinders.

Read the safety precautions on the cylinder.

Do not under any circumstances attempt to inhale Helium. Inhaling helium can cause loss of consciousness, permanent brain damage or Death.
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